Deflationary or inflationary money?

Which currency would you prefer if you could choose how to store the value of your labor? A deflationary or inflationary one? What is inflation? Inflation is a general increase in prices because of a fall in the purchasing value of money, due to an increasing money supply.

Basically all government issued currencies are manipulated by increasing the amount of money that is distributed and to whom it is distributed. The central planners get to decide “how much?”, “when?” and to “whom?” the money is distributed. While we are stuck at work so we can live our lives, our money is worth less every week, about 5% per year on average. I cannot think of anyone who would say this is fair.

This is the way governments have been controlling economic policies since the beginning of time.  Financial repression refers to policies that result in savers earnings losing buying power. This has been used to pay off national debts by taking advantage of working class savers.

How do we avoid being abused by money manipulators? What about real estate and precious metals? Commodities have been a great way to preserve wealth for many years.  However, during times of financial repression and “macro-prudential regulation”, taxes and rules can change quickly. Let apart their price manipulation that usually happens during times of market uncertainty.

Deflationary or inflationary?

What if we could store our value in a currency that cannot be inflated on the whim of a central planner?

Crypto-currencies may be a solution for this endless cycle of abuse. Bitcoin is deflationary. What is deflation? Deflation is a contraction in the distribution of money supply. With a capped circulating supply, Bitcoin’s value goes up increasing your buying power over time.

Any amount of Bitcoin can be stored on a tiny receipt paper and no vault or expensive security is necessary.  Bitcoin can be bought and sold online in the comfort of your home or office. This new currency is changing the world and you could better shape your financial future by being a part of this world-class breakthrough.